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At Nutritional Cleansing NZ, we specialise in the Isagenix product systems, which help you lose weight naturally, detox, cleanse, gain energy and take control of your life!

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"Over the challenge I lost a total of 17 kilos and in total I have lost 23kg with Isagenix, which means I’m back to my high school weight!"*

Rebekah H.
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What is Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing?

Isagenix is a scientifically formulated system which can assist with weight loss and body cleansing. Particular Isagenix products support the body with the removal of toxins. As a result of the cleansing, Isagenix products may give you a healthy boost in energy & performance, and help you lose weight naturally.

The Isagenix system provides a range of different packs available including nutrient-rich smoothies and weight loss shakes, cleanse/detox formulas, natural energy boosting supplements, and healthy snacks to keep those cravings under control. 
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The system is intuitive and easy to follow - and stick to. The shakes or smoothies are quick and easy to make and can be made on the move.

Backed by science

The Isagenix scientists carefully formulated all products in the system, and continue to research and develop new nutritional products to help you hit your health and natural weight loss goals.

Value for Money

A nutrient filled Isalean Shake / Smoothie costs NZ$4.81, cheaper than most lunches. And you only have to find 6 meals a week out of 21, on the 30 Day Program.

Proven results through one-on-one coaching & support

While using Isagenix products on their own is effective, buying through Nutritional Cleansing NZ means you’ll also get FREE personalised coaching and ongoing support from a fellow Kiwi.

When you sign up as a new member on the Isagenix website, one of our dedicated coaches will be in touch to give you the best start possible, and really drive those amazing results*.

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Jacqui & Brendon, founders of Nutritional Cleansing NZ, are here to keep you on track

Find the Isagenix system to suit you


Lose weight

Be another weight loss success story, and start living a healthier, happy life today.

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Get more energy

Feel sharper and get a much needed energy boost.

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Improve your physical performance

Enhance your energy, performance, and recovery, like many other successful athletes around the world.

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Healthy Ageing

An essential tool for a healthy life, Isagenix will get you looking your best and feeling younger.

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If you’re interested to get started & give the system a try, simply click on the Join Now button below, and sign up through our international Isagenix website. You’ll automatically be assigned to us as a client, so we’ll followup with you after you’ve made your purchase to fast-track your results!

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