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At Nutritional Cleansing NZ  we are Independent Isagenix Associates,
real Kiwi's living here in New Zealand.
We work in partnership with Isagenix International LLC


About Isagenix the company

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Isagenix believes everyone deserves to be with a company that cares about its people
and wants them to succeed. Experience Isagenix and learn to believe again.

Meet Our Coaching Team:

At Nutritional Cleansing NZ we offer you FREE coaching through your first
30 Day Program from one of our experienced  New Zealand based coaches:


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Jacqui is a mother of 2, living in Nelson.
She is a registered and practicing  NZ Physiotherapist,with a  29 yr passion for natural health. Her qualifications include Craniosacral Therapy, Holistic Pulsing, Yoga, Nordic Walking.
She runs a home clinic and studio where she sees clients, teaches Yoga  and coaches people through their Isagenix programs
Brendon is a father of 3, living in Nelson.
Born in Taranaki, he grew up on a farm, did a Fitting and Welding Apprenticeship, and has worked as an engineer since.
After losing a brother to cancer he started to rethink health.
He became open to learning about positive health options and now uses Isagenix to keep himself well, coaching others in the evenings.
Click to learn about Jacqui's transformational Isagenix story
Click to learn  about how Isagenix brought back Brendon's  youth.

As a result of the total transformation in their health 
these people have decided to coach others

"We decided to share the incredible concept of Nutritional Cleansing
with others we know. It has been hugely satisfying to help people
improve all manner of symptoms,  just by helping the body to
gently remove impurities from the organs and glands and 
and put in these nutrient rich foods".


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