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I was born in Taranaki, New Zealand and grew up on a farm.
I spent my childhood riding  bikes, motor bikes, driving tractors and go carts, picking up hay, racing cars and pulling apart mechanical things apart.

I did a Fitting and Welding apprenticeship, then left engineering for a farm life on the family farm, and stayed there for 4 years as a dairy farmer.

I began to understand the affects farming has on the land with fertilizing, antibiotics and the need of animals for supplementation.

Once at afternoon milking a cow died in the milking shed.
It took less than 1 minute to happen before my eyes.
This shocked me, and I later I found out that this was caused through lack of calcium in the blood. We were already supplementing with calcium, magnesium and copper, so I was aware that the cows had calcium needs.
It was plainly obvious this cow was not absorbing enough!
I didn't understand then  the necessity of other minerals that are required for the body to absorb vitamins and minerals.
At this time I didn’t understand the importance of supplementing myself or my family while I was was quite aware of  the need to supplement the animals for good productivity as they were an ‘asset’ to the farm.

I returned to engineering, and was working 80–85 hours a week away from home for weeks at time.

My body started to protest – even though I was eating enough food to feed about 3 men in a day!
I now know that the food I was eating was crap – white bread sandwiches, bacon, fizzy drinks, even the apples, oranges I was eating couldn't measure up to the  nutrition that was in fruit 50 - 60 years ago.

I had sore knees, I felt like my lower leg was just hanging on the end of my thigh. My elbows were sore and  I had tennis elbow right arm.
I had constant back pain/stiffness and knew that all the welding fumes were very bad for me.


I was 29yrs old, but feeling 55yrs old.

I was aware that my body couldn’t sustain this abuse for much longer if I was to have any quality of life in the future I needed to make a change fast. So I did!
I took job in Nelson managing  maintenance of a big plant in the Nelson region.

I started to re live some of the passions that I had before I had children.
I loved to drive and drive fast!
Competing is also something that I enjoy – so Rallying on gravel roads in the forest was my play ground for 10 years. I competed in many rallies and had many class wins.

From the age of 34yr I knew that I was heading towards diabetes. – I was in denial over this, burying my head in the sand hoping it would go away. I had to take responsibility for me and be open enough to do some research myself.

After losing a brother to cancer I started to  listen to what my body was telling me.
I became open to educating myself about the options that we have available to take charge of our own life and health.

I realized the important things in life: Family, friends, travel, time to play mean nothing if we can’t remember who we are, or are unable to move freely to  do what we want or play with children or grandchildren.

Brendon's Nutritional Cleansing Story*:

I decided to do a "30 Day" Nutritional Cleansing Program in 2010 after I saw the changes in Jacqui after just 4 days on the program.
I wanted to support my body to detoxify impurities...  just as we change the filters in our car.

Boy was I surprised with my results!
I went from feeling tired and lifeless to feeling like a cloud has lifted.
My brain fog has disappeared and my memory has improved.
My endurance and fitness has increased, and  the many symptoms of poor health I had (and cannot mention here for reasons of compliance) are gone.
I have better sleep, breathe more deeply and am more comfortable in my body.
My stomach has become the flattest it has been in my entire life!


I lost 5 kg of visceral fat I needed to and have remained at a healthy weight ever since.


Jacqui and I are now  having a lot of fun coaching people through their life changing programs.
We'd love to help you transform your life with this incredible Nutritional Cleansing system!


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