How to Lose Weight with Isagenix NZ

Natural Body Cleansing and Weight Loss Program

The Isagenix system allows you to take achieve your personal goals for weight loss in the simplest way. Delicious, healthy food choices and the Isagenix system make it possible to lose weight by removing all the impurities and returning your body to a state of balance.

Isagenix is a safe, effective weight loss program available in NZ. In addition to healthy eating, Isagenix has a range of smoothies and nutritional snacks to assist with weight loss goals.

Decide what your personal goals are and choose the system that suits your needs. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact us.



$664.69 with membership

$937.31 Retail

We all have our own personal goals when it comes to our body image but find that achieving our goals and changing bad eating habits is not as easy as it may appear at first.

If you’re looking to feel and look better, the extra anti-aging products and snack products included will be exactly what you’re looking for.  And if you’re looking for value or to share the experience whilst gaining much-needed support and encouragement, this is the best value pak you can buy.

The highly economical Weight Loss Premium Pack contains high amounts of top level nutrients to improve your health and encourage cellular damage control so you can achieve your goals of looking and feeling younger. .

Product List:
  • 4X IsaLean Shake containers
  • 2X Cleanse For Life
  • 1 Ionix Supreme
  • 1 Isagenix Snacks
  • 1 IsaFlush
  • 1 Natural Accelerator
  • 1 box Isalean Bars
  • 1 box Whey Thins
  • 1 box IsaDelight Chocolate
  • 2 boxes e+
  • 1 Isa Blender
  • 1 $50 Event Coupon
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$431.24 with membership

$606.73 Retail

Your Path to Healthy Weight Loss and Whole-Body Health

If you’re looking for weight loss and a reduction in size or change in body shape, the 30 Day Weight Loss System is flexible enough to be repeated as often as needed or simply included in your daily diet as part of an overall weight loss program.

Gently rid your body of impurities and lose weight over a period of time. With just a little dedication you can expect to achieve a gain in lean muscle and a have a more toned, healthier looking body, all whilst enjoying flexibility in your day to day life.

Product list:
  • 4 IsaLean Shake
  • 2 Cleanse for Life™
  • 1 Ionix Supreme
  • 1 Natural Accelerator™
  • 1 IsaFlush!®
  • 1 Isagenix Snacks®

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$238.05 with membership

$334.67 Retail

Get on track to achieving your health goals.
Kick-start your weight-loss journey by gently cleansing and nourishing your body.
Graduate to the 30-Day Program to maintain your weight-loss progress.

Product List:
  • 2 Cleanse for Life™
  • 1 IsaLean™ Shake
  • 1 Natural Accelerator™
  • 1 Isagenix Snacks®

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Get Coaching Support Throughout Your Journey

Purchase your pack and speak to a specialist about your health plan. Stay on track with free phone, video and social media support.




Still Not Sure Which Program Is Right For You?

Give us a call and we’ll talk you through which Isagenix options may suit you best.




Nutritional Cleansing with Cleanse For Life

The concept of cleansing in general can be completely foreign to many people. Add on conflicting information on the Internet and so many options to choose from and it’s no surprise that there can be misunderstandings about cleansing, how cleansing works, or how to complete a successful cleanse. For health-informed consumers, Isagenix offers a different approach to nutritional cleansing that is supported by clinical studies. Read the details here..


Eat more Protein, Sleep Better, burn more Fat

How well people sleep each night has recently been a target of research because it’s thought to be an indicator of whether or not they are successful in losing weight. Now new research from scientists at Purdue University suggests that getting more protein each day while reducing calories may be key to sound sleep and greater fat burning. More info here..

Visit our You Tube Weight Loss Programs Playlist for more testimonials *


Outback, Outdoors and loving it!

Lynda had tried many diets and exercise programs to lose weight, but couldn’t manage to keep it off.*
260-LyndaTurnamBefore   260-LyndaTurnamAfter
Her extra weight caused increase back pain after her back surgery and restricted her movement.
Living in the outback her weight caused many difficulties in her ability to work.
“I tried walking every day but my weight continued to increase.” She had trouble breathing, difficulty bend over, and no energy. “In my mind I wanted to do things but my body wasn’t capable.”
She had a soft spot for snacks of any sort, which didn’t help in her weight loss. Once she reached 112kg she decided it was time to find a new solution.
At first she was sceptical of Isagenix® Products but in a short time she had lost 10kg* and more energy than ever! “When you feel great it’s easy to stay motivated. My original aim was to lose 27kg in and I have achieved this in just a few months!”
“I’m now not only able to walk but not I can run which something I have never been able to do before.”
 Lynda feels better than ever and like she’s participating in life.
I have reached 83kg and continue to lose weight. I have controlled my snacking and am thrilled with my success.These products have changed my life and given me back my freedom.”

Coaching and support

When your program arrives, your  Isagenix membership includes a lot of help and support.
There is a program guide, DVD, audio CD, written info  and a tape measure.
You will have access to a range of health and Product related information online.
You can also get FREE personalized coaching from us, including phone calls, text and e-mail support.We have a private Facebook coaching page.

See our Coaching and Support page for an informative video about the 30 day program for weight loss and for how we support you to lose weight.

Click HERE to find out how Nutritional Cleansing works to release FAT* 


You can join the ANZ IsaBody Challenge for FREE

We have helped many people here in New Zealand to transform their lives through the IsaBody Challenge. It's Free when you join our weight loss program. Ask me how:



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