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Isagenix Review by Heather Elliot - Naturopath
As a Naturopath Heather Elliot was constantly offered
products by different companies, so when she was introduced
to Isagenix® 5 years ago she shook it off as just another cleanse.
“I was using detoxing herbs, powders and supplements to help
improve my client’s health and just wasn’t interested in
yet another brand.”
It wasn’t until years later when Heather wanted to
lose weight that she decided to look at Isagenix.
“I had been exercising with my personal trainer
for over nine months but wasn’t getting the results I wanted.”
When Heather mentioned the Isagenix products to her trainer, they decided to try it together.
“I did a 9-Day Program inside the 30-Day Program and lost 10kg,
then over the next 2 months I dropped a further 5kg.
Now I’ve got more energy, vitality and have gone from a size 20 to a size 12!

If you’d asked me a year ago if this was possible I wouldn’t have believed it”
Heather was astonished with her results and found she loved the products
 “My patients noticed the dramatic changes in my weight and energy –
so they started asking questions.”
Convinced Isagenix would be a good fit for her business Heather started
adding the products to her wellness programs.
“The previous detoxes I used were harsh and forced the body to remove
impurities from the tissue.
Isagenix is a more natural and gentle way of getting the body to release impurities.”

Heather is convinced Isagenix fits perfectly into her business and lifestyle.
“I was really excited when I found out John Anderson created these products,
then to see the results in myself and my patients,
I realised how good these products really are
" I’m really excited about my future with Isagenix.”

Nutritionist Jim Rhoades shows how
Nutritional Cleansing impacts your Blood:


Dr Gray Author of “Mars Venus” Discovers
Another Secret to Healthy Relationships: Isagenix*

Best-selling author Dr. John Gray already shared the secrets to helping men
and women communicate more clearly with his best-selling book series:
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” but
he says there’s another piece of the puzzle when it comes to
creating vibrant, healthy relationships — Isagenix®.

John, wasn’t looking to lose weight or inches when he said “yes”
to Isagenix in 2002. In fact, it was the combination of the amino acids
and active enzymes found in the IsaLean® Shake that actually hooked him.

“I was researching amino acids at the time and found that they contribute to
optimal brain function, which could make relationships better,”
explains John.
“As we are affected by impurities, we lose optimal brain function and are not
able to deal with stress as well.
The Isagenix shake was far superior to any other product I had been testing
on the market.”

To his surprise, John lost 16 pounds* after using the products.
He decided to take things to another level and get in touch with Isagenix Master Formulator and Founder John Anderson to learn more about the products and even discuss creating the Mars Venus Wellness Solution™ with special ingredients to suit the needs of men and women. ( available in the USA) 
Since his discovery, John has shared Isagenix with hundreds of people around the world.


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